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The future consists of all events that come after the present. For us, this gives rise to the principle that sky walt has always followed: what we do in the present determines the future. For instance, the innovative solutions that we develop are already providing answers to the numerous, complex challenges of tomorrow: climate change, dwindling resources; globalization and the need for energy efficiency. We are setting benchmarks and are shaping the future.

Sky walt uniquely suited to meet the demands of customers in attractive niche markets, with a particular focus on quality and operational expertise. Our well-known brands provide highly customized solutions to our customers' most complex challenges based on combining deep technical expertise with the ability to understand, anticipate and quickly respond to customers' needs.

Sky walt Water Heater with low cost, high quality and short lead time are achieved using stainless steel that has excellent performance against pitting corrosion and stress corrosion and steel welded casing. Our product has many delivery records.

Sky walt divisions are leading providers in selected industrial markets.We are innovative and sustainable solutions add value and strengthen the competitive position of Sky walt customers.


The water heater is an appliance that finds a place in every Indian household. Even with the substantial size of the Indian market and a long list of other geyser manufacturers, Skywalt proves, time and again, that they are at the forefront of the water heater/geyser market. By winning multiple awards with strategically designed, energy efficient solutions, we've cemented our position as India's largest water heating solutions provider that's trusted by the entire nation.

We are consistently pushing the boundaries of water heater/ geyser technology and upping our game with smarter solutions; we aim for sustainability and constant innovation. Our range of products comply with today's eco-standards, high-performance requirements and provide cutting edge features and thus, enable us to always be considered thought leaders in the field of water heating solutions. It is this expertise and drive that gives Skywalt the winning edge to find new and improved water heater solutions and positions us firmly, as industry leaders.



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